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Business-Intelligence With the purpose of enabling the decision maker and the institution set market positioning strategies as well as operational choices based on the best knowledge of contexts and performance variables: competitive, regulatory/legislative/political, social, cultural. To carry out the collection, selection and systematic analysis of internal and external information, in order to support decision-making,

Objectives-Systematize the collection and processing of information, in good time, to turn it into intelligence, thus allowing the institution to obtain competitive advantage in:

1-strategic positioning in the various areas of operation;

2-identifying new investment opportunities, including new markets and institutional partnerships;

3-Enlargement of the customer portfolio;

4-operational effectiveness.

Ensuring that the deal offers value for money and is sustainable in the medium and long term. The method used in order to pursue these objectives, consists in direct support to the senior management of the institution. To do so, will have to be:

I) collection, selection and analysis of information to anticipate scenarios and define lines of simple and comprehensive action, suitable for the preparation of an action plan, both internal and external;

II) Improve and operationalize the extension of national and international networks;

III) evaluation of the world geopolitical framework, in order to permit the identification of new markets, new partners and new profit-making opportunities;

IV) Monitor the dynamics of the agents/geopolitical forces and the action of the main stakeholders in order to anticipate/identify risks and opportunities;

V) Produce periodic assessments of the situation as well as carry out forward-looking analyses.

The intervention will allow:

Contribute to the effectiveness of the institution, the Leadership and governance in the design and implementation of the strategic model;

Strengthen the structural pillars of business, such as intangible assets: joint-up, expanded thinking/strategic and operational advice; Geopolitical, economic and social knowledge; business skills; Market gains; And, tools to be used to connect and share information;

Protect from exposure to changes in the geopolitical, macroeconomic, social structures and regulatory;

Anticipate the vulnerabilities of the institution in relation to new models of competition, technological development, and media.

The advice is cross and passes also through business equity reorganization processes in a group logic, trying to rationalise your structure, taking into account the activities pursued, as well as the search of the best solutions for your development.

In terms of Division of companies, advice can propose solutions for monitoring of redistribution of assets and liabilities, and in companies where they identify structural imbalances, the solutions recommended may go through passive optimization is in terms of deadlines, whether in terms of costs and guarantees.

Can be prepared solutions for investment management, whether through their own solutions, is using partnerships with other management companies with recognized "track record".

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