Corporate Finance

On the capital market, providing services of structuring and assembly operations for takeover bids and public offerings, including distribution of public offerings and Public subscription Offers for sale.

Other processes include loss of quality of open society (removal of bag); Stock Splits; Public Exchange offers and program management of Stock Options to employees.

On financial assistance, the company can constitute an added value in companies, held as support for decision-making in capital transaction operations of companies, developing estimates of value for investment projects, businesses and companies.

The advice is cross and passes also through business equity reorganization processes in a group logic, trying to rationalise your structure, taking into account the activities pursued, as well as the search of the best solutions for your development.

In terms of Division of companies, advice can propose solutions for monitoring of redistribution of assets and liabilities, and in companies where they identify structural imbalances, the solutions recommended may go through passive optimization is in terms of deadlines, whether in terms of costs and guarantees.

Fund management, as well as finding solutions for investment management, whether through their own solutions, is using partnerships with other management companies with recognized “track record”.

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