Funding and international warranty

Structured finance and international warranty

Financing solutions for companies, projects and international warranty


The company receives mandates from private investors, States and organizations, outlining a financial investment strategy, with a view to raising funds from international financing, as well as risk-sharing solutions, in the light of the objectives and realities.

Our intervention can range from the very conception of the project until your execution and implementation, establishing privileged contacts with international investment funds of private nature, international organizations, and may also resort to "operations venture capital ".

We help companies to attract investors and private partners, enter new markets in order to increase the impact your business, as well as we could have in the implementation of public private partnership operations.

Because the financing of the projects fail often because of the difficulty in obtaining guarantees, including other sovereign, helped in obtaining special warranty and resources, trust funds, in order to encourage investment in areas of special need, working with partners to leverage the amount and quality of coverage, including for breach of contract.

The toppings may go beyond the classical solutions of non-commercial nature, such as the loss of the ability of investors to convert local currency legally, interest, royalties and other remittances in hard currency, as well as transfer hard currency out of host country.

We have implemented risk-sharing solutions, that can pass beyond the contractual breach, the non-commercial risk coverage, such as exchange rate devaluation, war, expropriation or market exclusion, in order to minimize the risk in investment.

Are areas, education, health, IT, transportation, trash, "agro food, infrastructure development and financial markets.

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