Mergers and acquisitions

Advisory services in operations of purchase, sale and merger and integration of companies, acquisition of the operations of corporate governance, as well as mergers of an economic nature, such as "joint ventures" and others, to support the negotiation, structuring and Assembly.

Support to businesses and entrepreneurs in the process of growth through acquisitions or mergers, as well as processes of disinvestment or disposal of businesses or companies.

Terms of the acquisition, which could pass to the evaluation of the right to acquire, as well as supervise the process of negotiation with vendors until the end of the operation. Brokerage and financial settlement at the conclusion of the transaction.

Conditions of sale: Organization and preparation of documentation for the sale; development of research of markets and contacts with potential investors. Review of the proposals received and support the negotiation process.

Practice of "blue chip", establishing the bridge with his knowledge of business international partners, interested in investing in the country, often able to finance themselves and make associations with range of opening, from the consortium of other simpler as agreements of joint venture, among others.

Mergers/integrations: valuation of assets and liabilities, the integration and analysis of the benefits and risks of the operations. Coordination of formal processes, the establishment of timetables and implementation structures.

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